Other Cargo

The Port handles a wide range of other cargoes including marine fuels and a variety of breakbulk products.

The newly opened 15 million litre marine fuel terminal operated by Geos Group is increasing its trade rapidly proving a particular attraction to vessels requiring a rapid bunkering service such as those in the offshore energy sector.

Other breakbulk cargoes include forest products which have been handled through the port for many decades including paper and tissue reels, pulp, panel products and timber.

A variety of metals are also accommodated including slabs, coil, beam and other products requiring sensitive handling with specialist equipment.

Increasing volumes of bagged, baled and palletised goods complete the cargo mix including RDF, Fertiliser and other bagged chemicals.

A variety of specialist equipment from slings, beams, hooks, clamps and probes ensures that productivity is maximised whilst still maintaining sensitive cargo in prime condition.