Back to School for Port Community Partnerships

Port of Blyth Community Partnerships

Port of Blyth have begun the new year by supporting two projects with schools in Blyth – both as a result of community partnerships:

Bringing Education and Industry Together

Pupils from two local schools – Malvins Close Primary Academy and The Blyth Academy – recently took part in the next stage of a project that aims to get Blyth students more interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) by engaging with local businesses.

The trial STEM lessons, which took place at the new Port Training centre – home of the Port of Blyth subsidiary Port Training Services – have been designed by the Blyth Partnership – a group of Blyth schools working collectively, to inspire the future scientists and engineers that are so urgently required across huge areas of industry.

Ten students from Malvin’s Close Primary Academy and another ten from The Blyth Academy took part in specially prepared lessons based on the technology of wind turbines and the science behind crane lifting operations, both of which are a regular feature of work at Port of Blyth as it develops a reputation as the offshore energy supply base of the North of England.

Delivered by teachers funded and supplied by project partners First Class Supply, the trial went extremely well with pupils showing great enthusiasm for the exercises they were put through and were clearly inspired by their surroundings.

Having recognised that a gap exists between the classroom and workplace in terms of STEM requirements and having now trialled the lessons, the project partners are now seeking further support from a range of businesses in the area whose work may be connected to STEM subjects.

The project is to be delivered through a base at the Port Training Centre which forms part of the recently opened second phase of the Blyth Education and Community Hub. The hub is also home to Newcastle University and Northumberland College, who deliver various courses in Blyth.

Support from Port Training Services, the Blyth Tall Ship charity and several local interest groups has helped push the project forwards.

Local businesses interested in getting involved in Bringing Education and Industry Together should contact Elaine O’Connor on 01670 352 556 or via email: elaine.o’

Outdoor Learning Environment

As a result of our work at the Battleship Wharf terminal, Port of Blyth keeps close ties with the nearby communities of Cambois and North Blyth. The Port provides regular support for community activities including regular support and donations to good causes on the north side of the river.

The Port delivers twice yearly residents meetings to ensure that the community are well informed of any future plans, whilst Port Director Alan Todd is a Governor at Cambois Primary School.

Recently, the Port supported the development of an outdoor learning environment with the supply and delivery of materials to the school. Port staff are grateful to client Colas who also supported the project.