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serving our stakeholders

As a statutory trust established by an Act of Parliament in 1882, Blyth Harbour Commission is responsible for conservancy and safe navigation on the River Blyth and operates for the benefit of a wide range of stakeholders.

Those stakeholders, which fall into the categories detailed below, benefit from profits being routinely re-invested in order to improve the facilities and services offered to all Port users, generating enhanced economic activity and community benefits. As a recognised major UK Trust Port, the Port of Blyth also liaises closely with both regional and national government to ensure that benefits are maximised to stakeholders as a whole.

The Port completes an annual stakeholder mapping exercise to ensure it understands who its stakeholders are and regularly engages with all stakeholder groups to make sure their needs are recognised and considered when making any operational or strategic decisions.

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Olivia Smith

Communications & Marketing Manager

our stakeholders

Our Staff

As a key local employer, our commitment to our valued team ensures that we continue to provide good job prospects and career progression for every colleague.

Our Customers

We take pride in the quality of service we offer to all our customers – large and small – all year round. By valuing their input we ensure their needs are always met effectively.

River Users

The Port maintains close ties with a sizeable Blyth fishing fleet, as well as the RNLI, the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club, a university research vessel and many other leisure craft users.

our local community

Our support for South East Northumberland includes provisions for good local jobs, STEM education, training, community events and appeals, local sports sponsorship and maintaining access to many open spaces.

the economy

As a key driver of major investment and a host of internationally recognised projects, as well as the base for a sizeable supply chain, the Port delivers a huge impact on the economy of both the region and the nation.

Other interest groups

The Port values the input of a whole host of conservation bodies and many other organisations locally and nationally who we have an impact on or they have an interest in us.

fulfilling our commitment

Engaging with our stakeholders

stakeholder meetings

The Port hosts an Annual Public Meeting alongside regular residents and port user meetings to ensure communications channels remain open all year round.

annual review

A detailed Annual Review is published every year to highlight the Port’s financial and operational performance as well as its progress on matters such as climate change.

education & training

The Port is heavily involved in providing education and training opportunities for local people, with an industry leading commitment to skills, STEM education and job creation.

public amenities

With a land footprint of 70 hectares, the Port provides access to open spaces around the estuary including public quays, piers, beaches and grassland for the public to enjoy.

community events

The Port has a long history of supporting community events such as the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta, Northumberland Live Music Festival, Blyth Carnival and Christmas appeals.


Support is provided for organisations who promote health & welfare, community cohesion and maritime heritage, including Blyth Tall Ship, Blyth Spartans AFC and the Port of Blyth 10k run.

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