Training & Education

Driving up skills standards and qualifications across industry

Port Training Services is a specialist training provider delivering fully accredited, industry recognised qualifications

As the training division of the Port of Blyth, Port Training Services (PTS) operates from a purpose built, state-of-the-art facility in the North East of England. As the Port has developed a renowned reputation as a leading UK offshore energy base, so too has PTS as a provider of first-class training to companies and individuals operating in offshore energy and renewables, port and marine sectors.

High quality & safety first

Working in partnership with clients from across industry, PTS is able to leverage many years of training experience alongside a unique industrial asset base to offer a comprehensive and flexible course portfolio. They offer a high quality, cost effective and professional service that is focused on improving the knowledge, skills and competence of your workforce, whilst always prioritising the importance of safer working environments. Training by industry for industry.

Education & Apprenticeships

PTS has also taken a leading role in the advancement of both port & marine and renewables related apprenticeship opportunities and through significant partnerships with education establishments has made great strides in developing solutions to the skills challenges facing the sectors.

PTS has become the UK’s largest training provider of port operatives and port supervisor vocational and apprenticeship qualifications, equipping over 650 learners with the required knowledge, skills and competency to excel in their roles at the port, and providing them with opportunities to further their careers in the maritime sector.

Leading voice in the industry

With safety and competence at its heart, PTS has worked tirelessly with national accrediting bodies and industry associations to develop and deliver a range of national vocational qualifications and apprenticeship standards.