Bishop of Newcastle visits Port of Blyth

Bishop of Newcastle visits Port of Blyth

The Port of Blyth this week welcomed the Bishop of Newcastle – the Venerable Christine Hardman – to the Port as part of a tour of the region to mark her first year in the role.

With a B.Sc (Econ) from the University of London, the Bishop has a strong interest in connecting with the business community and selected the Port of Blyth as part of her official itinerary, in order to learn more about the business and its activites.

During her visit the Bishop met with Port of Blyth Chief Executive Martin Lawlor, who shared details of the Port’s record year, and took a trip around the Port by boat accompanied by Margaret Parker, Mayor of Blyth.

The Bishop noted that the Port and the Diocese of Newcastle – for which she is responsible – share an important date, with both being founded in 1882.

While the diocese came into being on 23rd May 1882, and was one of four created by the Bishoprics Act under the reign of Queen Victoria, a Bill to “constitute and incorporate Commissioners for the management of Blyth Harbour” on the basis of a trust, received Royal Assent less than a month later on 19th June 1882.

Looking to the future, the Bishop of Newcastle was delighted to hear of the latest developments at the Port regarding new and emerging markets that have enabled significant growth in turnover and trade.