Meet Graham Peach: A Marine Pilot And Assistant Harbour Master at Port of Blyth


Graham, one of our marine pilots at Port of Blyth, recently featured in the Lloyds Bank campaign that celebrated various British businesses across the country. As a result of this, we wanted to take the time to ask Graham a little bit more about his role.  

So, what does your role involve and how long have you been in your role? 

I have been in the role for 19 months and my primary function as a marine pilot is providing advice and guidance to ship’s captains, to ensure vessels navigate safely within Blyth’s port limits. I temporarily join a ship’s crew and use my local knowledge of tides, depths, and hazards to ensure the vessel arrives or departs without incident. 

I am also an Assistant Harbour Master, a role with a broad field of responsibilities, including security, incident response, oil spill prevention, and ensuring the port’s continued compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code. 

What is a typical day like at Port of Blyth? 

No two days are the same. My duty periods are dictated by vessel movements within the port. The maritime industry operates 24 hours a day and I need to be flexible to accommodate a constantly changing schedule.   

What is your favourite part about the role? 

Being a pilot is extremely challenging and I get immense satisfaction from doing the job well. The custom of offering the pilot a coffee upon arrival on the bridge is always welcome as well. 

How did it feel to feature in the Lloyds Bank campaign? 

I’m currently enjoying receiving messages from friends, family, and old ship mates from all over the country who have just seen my face on a billboard or a bus stop. But ultimately, it was just another day at the office, and I’m a small part of a much larger team that works together to continually provide safe and efficient shipping at the Port of Blyth.   

Our dedicated and hardworking employees are key to the Port of Blyth’s success!  

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