Quay Strengthening Adds to South Harbour’s Capabilities

Quay Strengthening South Harbour

Quay strengthening works to West Quay at Port of Blyth’s South Harbour will shortly enable the Port to handle more heavy loads and complete more complex lifts at the terminal, complementing similar upgrading that has been carried out at the adjacent North Quay recently.

Seen as a key development for the terminal, the strengthening works are the result of increased demand from clients and tenants of the Port’s hugely successful offshore energy support base and will greatly enhance both the terminal’s heavy lift capability and it’s cargo handling capacity. In addition, the strengthening will allow for two cranes to operate in tandem on the quay, offering further flexibility and increased lift capacity for customers and clients.

The works will shortly deliver a brand new reinforced concrete deck of 291m2 laid at over 950mm thick, with forty tubular piles at more than 500mm in diameter and walls at 20mm thick having been piled to lengths up to to 21m. The result will be a general area load of 10t/m2 with a peak load of nearly 100t/m2 in some crane orientations.

Managed in house by the Port’s experienced Technical department, the project will be completed by the end of 2018 with several important operations expected on West Quay for major South Harbour tenants including Royal IHC and DeepOcean during early 2019.