School Pupils Get Port of Blyth Education

Port Training Services Schools Visit

Students from across Blyth have been given an introduction to the past, present and future of the Port of Blyth as a result of a pioneering education scheme from the Port’s subsidiary Port Training Services (PTS).

Staff at PTS hosted more than 360 Year 6 pupils for an education and outreach programme offered to every primary school in Blyth as part of their pupils’ transition into High School.

The scheme highlighted the opportunities and potential offered by the Port to young people through apprenticeships and initiatives such at the Port of Blyth funded Blyth Tall Ship.

Pupils also got to work with scientists at the Blyth-based Newcastle University Marine Station exploring marine technology, as well as being given a tour of the commercial port and learning all about its history and heritage.

Port Training Services works closely with the industry leading body Port Skills and Safety to deliver a training framework to port workers throughout the UK from as far afield as the Orkneys in northern Scotland all the way down to Southampton in Hampshire.

Training Manager at Port Training Services, Colin Bassam said: “It’s great to invite children from the local schools into the port, as quite often security restrictions prevent public access to the port, meaning local people are not always aware of what happens here. This scheme gives students a greater insight into our operation and promotes the career opportunities that are being created in both ports and by the offshore renewable energy sector in particular.”

Martin Lawlor, Chief Executive of Port of Blyth said: “Through Port Training Services we aim to provide our staff, and those based at other ports, with the absolute best training available in the industry. As a trust port we also have a responsibility to support young people in our community and through this excellent programme delivered by PTS we are delighted to offer students an insight into opportunities available within the Port.”