Tall Ships Regatta – Restricted Access Announced

Tall Ships Pier Closures

Blyth Harbour Commission officials have announced a number restrictions for the weekend of the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta in the vicinity of South Harbour and the West Pier.

The restrictions are to ensure public safety during the event at the end of August and are as follows:

The West Pier

The West Pier will be closed to the general public from 8am on Thursday 25th August until 6pm on Monday 29th August. Information will be clearly displayed in the area in the weeks leading up to the event to make these plans clear to regular users and visitors and to enable them to make alternative arrangements.

Temporary fencing will be used to enforce this closure and the public have been asked not to attempt to ignore the closure by climbing the fencing.

South Harbour Beach

The east end of South Harbour Beach will be closed to the public for the duration of the event, from 8am on Thursday 25th August until 6pm on Monday 29th August.

Beach Access Adjacent to South Harbour

Access to and from South Beach via the open gate in the sea wall close to the main entrance to the South Harbour terminal will be closed from 8am on Thursday 25th August until 6pm on Monday 29th August. This is to ensure public safety in this area when a large volume of event and non event traffic will be in this area.

Access to and from the beach will be available further along by the Bandstand area and in the vicinity of Beachway.


Harbour Master Martin Willis, said: “Public safety will be our number one priority for the duration of the Tall Ships Regatta. We would ask the public to respect these closures and understand that they are in place for everyone’s safety. Although we understand that the West Pier and the surrounding areas are popular with the public, the risk to public safety is considered too great to have these areas open whilst so many people are in Blyth for the event. There are many other excellent viewing locations both within Blyth and the surrounding coastline for all to enjoy the spectacle of seeing these wonderful vessels.”

Official stewards will be in position to assist the public in and around the affected areas throughout the Regatta. For further visitor information, please visit the official website of Tall Ships Blyth 2016.


See here for further details & click on the red markers for explanations: