Port of Blyth Supported Nemo Link Interconnector Goes Live

Port of Blyth Supported Nemo Link Begins Operating

After a 10-year development and construction phase, today marks the start of the Port of Blyth supported Nemo Link’s commercial operation.

A collaboration between the Belgian and British transmission system operators Elia and National Grid, the electrical interconnector joins converter stations in Richborough (Kent, UK) and Bruges (Belgium) via 140km of transmission cables, the majority in the North Sea.

Major Port of Blyth client DeepOcean utilised the Port’s Battleship Wharf terminal to carry out ship to ship cable spooling operations ahead of the laying of cable in the North Sea.

The Nemo Link’s completion constitutes a crucial stage in the ongoing integration of the European power grid, which is vital for the large-scale integration of renewable energies, where excess generated power can be traded at favourable prices at the European level.

A total amount of 18,559 MWh was expected to be transported via the Nemo Link cable on it’s first day of operation.

Port of Blyth is also closely involved with the installation of another interconnector, the North Sea Link between the UK and Norway which will come ashore in Blyth. The Port is working closely with National Grid, their Norwegian counterparts Statnett and their contractors on the project which is due to be completed in 2021.